The Carbon A List is a list of companies who are at a commercial demonstration or early adopter market phase of development with a product, process, or service that contributes to deep decarbonization. The purpose of this list is to identify and share market based solutions that could make a tangible difference in the race against stopping excess carbon from accumulating in the atmosphere. Companies are chosen with a lens for their process’ ability to manage CO2 by capturing it, using it, reducing it, sequestering it or not emitting it in the first place. Well understood methods of decarbonization i.e. solar, wind, hydro, electric cars, battery storage, energy efficiency, conservation, afforestation, etc. do not qualify, but new ideas and innovations that can dramatically push the boundaries and velocity of these methods’ ability to reach greater scale do. Companies on this list are first revealed on the Carbon A List newsletter along with information and rationale for their selection. Once listed, companies are tracked for their progress and their in depth profiles will become available in an annual report along with articles that appear on the blog. This list is populated with companies or processes who meet following criteria:

  • Unique value proposition  – is it better than what is currently on the market/solve a real pain/customer need? 
  • Life Cycledoes it have a better carbon balance than a current process which is adding CO2 to the atmosphere? 
  • Scalabilityhow easily, quickly and much can it scale?
  • Sexinessis it sleek, novel and does it do more good than harm
  • Timing – did the company recently launch a demonstration plant that creates an actual product or has it met certain milestones? 
  • Wonder/X-factor –  did we just learn out about it, recently meet a CEO/Founder/Board Member, does it have a ‘je ne sais quoi’?

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Does your company push the needle on how much carbon ultimately ends up in the atmosphere? Do you want people with money, distribution access and social influence to find out about you to help you change the world? Do you meet the criteria above and want to be on the list below?

2017 Carbon A List selections: 

  • Pioneer Energy
  • Biolite Energy
  • Climeworks
  • Covestro
  • GreenSand
  • Carbon Clean Solutions
  • Groncol
  • Carbicrete
  • Envairo
  • Bloc Power
  • Axiom Exergy
  • CleanO2
  • Net Power
  • Terracoh
  • Interface
  • All Power Labs

These companies are listed for informational purposes only. Carbon A List assumes no responsibility for any investments made as a result of discovering a company on this list. Carbon A List does not accept payment for the placement of a company on this list and aims to be unbiased in the selections.