Hello World, Carbon A List is now blogging

Hello World.

I’m coming out of my shell and opening up the blogging section of my website. 

I am under no delusions that my efforts as a blogger or consultant are going to solve climate change as my tongue-in-cheek caption in the above picture might imply. But if my company’s efforts contribute to more attention or capital going to climate solutions or somehow enable a mindset shift needed to stop and ultimately reverse climate change, then I will consider this approach successful.

I have come to the realization that:

  • Content is king.
  • So is passionate flow.
  • So is sharing good ideas and clarifying their value.
  • There is no limit to digital story telling for good ideas.

And as far as creating content or dialogue about innovations that can capture, use, reduce, sequester carbon dioxide or not put it there in the first place?

That’s my jam.

I started the Carbon A List newsletter in June 2016 in conjunction with incorporating my business as an environmental consultancy.  I held off on becoming more public because I wanted my list (which, along with the family members, friends, and voyeurs included my target audience of individuals at start-ups, large corporations, universities, institutions that disperse capital, government agencies, and nonprofits which are connected in some way to capturing, using, reducing or sequestering carbon) to grow exclusively. Actually, let’s be real, I wasn’t entirely clear on how I would grow my business and needed a way to experiment and find an online voice to develop a unique niche before I was ready to commit to getting my own blog going. All I knew was that my writings for this effort were aimed to make good ideas (specifically, innovations to mitigate climate change but also address some very real non-climate change related pain or opportunity) easier to support or finance.

Now it is time to put a foot on the gas and get found by the internet at large. I am going to start consistently blogging.

I want to earn your attention. Please follow along. Engage with me. Challenge my opinions.  Share your knowledge. Tell people about this blog if you like it. My goal is to make this effort much greater than myself and inspire smart and influential people to also get involved – as advisers, writers, or even as my clients.

What will go in this blog?

I will use this blog to reflect on and opine about concepts that I am learning that have to do with sustainability and deep decarbonization. Posts will include commentary from me (and others) about:

  • Anything that has to do with trends in deploying capital to transformative infrastructure that reduces, neutralizes, or negates carbon in the atmosphere
  • Game changing ideas that contribute to a more sustainable planet (i.e. research effort/companies without a commercial demonstration)
  • Profiles of companies on the Carbon A List

What is the Carbon A List?

The Carbon A List is a list where we track and write about companies that can capture, use, reduce, or sequester carbon dioxide. Subscribers to my newsletter will learn about the companies first. We select companies that have early traction in a market, or just unveiled a commercial scale demonstration. We choose based upon:

  • Unique value proposition  – is it better than what is currently on the market/solve a real pain/customer need? (this is most important)
  • Life Cycledoes it have a better carbon balance than a current process that is adding CO2 to the atmosphere? 
  • Scalabilityhow easily and much can it scale?
  • Sexinessis it sleek, novel and does it do more good than harm
  • Timing – did the company recently launch a demonstration plant that creates an actual product, or is it getting press somewhere else? 
  • Wonder/X-factor – did we just learn out about it or recently meet a CEO/Founder/Board Member?

Why Carbon? 

Human activity releases greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide is the longest lasting and most dominant heat trapping gas. The more of it we emit, the stronger the heat trapping blanket. Ultimately, stopping this blanket from warming us to our peril and causing irreparable damage requires balancing the total stock of CO2 in the atmosphere. This concept is also know as “closing the carbon cycle.”

“Solving” climate change therefore requires not only ensuring that new CO2 does not accumulate in atmosphere by rapidly transforming how we generate energy, produce food, manufacture goods, and move around, but also ensuring that if a ton of CO2 is emitted, another one can be can be away.

Because our society is irrationally discounting the damage that excess carbon to the atmosphere does to future generations, those solutions that will get to market quickly must do more than just address carbon. They need to solve a real pain that relates to wealth, health, and happiness. The good news is that there are so many good ideas that can close the carbon cycle. Some of them are quite well understood and well reported – and already beginning to have a real impact – others, if they just had a little more attention, money, and the right execution strategy in place could make a real impact. My goal is to share my knowledge and discovery with you, both through the blog, and The Carbon A List monthly newsletter where you will learn about the companies that I pick first along with unique, curated commentary.

Thanks for your attention.


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