Time to build a market mechanism to help reverse climate change. Step 1 enroll in hackathon.

I’m pumped.

(As of 11:38 AM on 9/5/2017).

And I have a team together for the Blockchain for Social Impact hackathon.

We will compete in the month long virtual hackathon with our idea.

If successful, this will be a great launching pad to establish a marketplace focused on removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and allow us to continue incubating an idea that can have an impact on removing billions of tons of carbon dioxide a year.

If it fails, we will figure out how to get even better at using blockchain technologies to facilitate payment between solutions that can remove carbon dioxide and people and entities who pay for it to happen.

We will make a conscious effort to be radically transparent. And I very much look forward to working with partners and collaborators as we find the win-wins. Our mission is to contribute to the global effort to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and we realize that we’re all in this together.

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