Geagora submission is in: making a carbon removal marketplace

It’s been a busy past couple of days.

The dust from a cross country move has now settled so I will now post more consistently (and avoid the wrath of Seth Godin).

I had a very valuable experience at the NYC Climate Braintrust on 9/29. It was a phenomenal event hosted by brought together top entrepreneurs and advisors. It was the first formal opportunity where I could  present the Geagora project. I was fortunate to be seated at a table with a number of experts at the World Economic Forum whose experience ranged from blockchain to engineering to carbon finance to private equity. Bottom lines: Validate the market, listen to customers, start small, and tokenize the carbon removal asset as quickly as possible. Keep going.

On Sunday the 1st I shipped the final packages from NYC. On Monday I landed in Seattle and from Tuesday to Friday 5 out of the 7 members of hackathon team got together. The timing worked out to plan this last minute, and it was the first time that Paul, Ross, Zach, Jaycen and I have gotten together.

Here is the full submission of our hackathon materials.

As part of the hackathon Ross and I also launched the first episode of the Reversing Climate Change Podcast. I took on the moniker a “Used Carbon Salesman.” The big picture idea of the podcast is to educate the market, and ourselves through asking insightful questions to guests and analyzing (and putting in English) the complexities of the space we are entering. While we are working to keep this not jargon-y and as non-technical as possible (while remaining highly valuable and relevant), there are three main audiences: 1) people who want to pay to remove carbon from the atmosphere (buyers) 2) people who have ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere (sellers) and 3) people who would be interested in understanding the interplay between cryptocurrencies and carbon removal (blockchain community).¬† We decided that the first few will be in person and because we both live in different cities that can mean all the cities where hackathon team members reside including San Francisco, Phoenix, Seattle and L.A.

So there it is. Code name “Geagora.” Fear not, we’ll do that whole branding thing soon…

What’s next?

A lot. We only plan on speeding up. Soon there will be a consistent podcast schedule. We have to go on a listening tour and also prove to customers that 1) we know what we’re talking about and 2) we can solve their problems.

What are their problems?

Buyer problems:

  • It’s really hard to know that what you’re paying money for is actually removing carbon from the atmosphere
  • There is too much choice to determine impact
  • Because there is double selling, it is impossible to prove that you have paid for sequestration

Seller problems:

  • It is really convoluted and also expensive to make a methodology
  • Finding a counter party to buying the offsets is a limiting step
  • It is difficult to forecast without assurance that there is a market willing to pay you to remove carbon.

We think our idea can help solve these problems.

This is going to be fun.

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