Christophe Jospe founded Carbon A List in 2016 as a consultancy to work with clients in the carbon management niche. Through Carbon A List he has worked with universities, major media companies, impact investing initiatives, and start-up companies, and non profits. Carbon A List is committed to enabling the reversal of climate change by amplifying funding and attention for anything that can close the carbon cycle. Offerings include:

  • Analysis on carbon management technologies (articles, syndicated reports, investor-facing analysis)
  • Environmental project origination (carbon offsets, project identification for funding)
  • Fundraising (grant writing, match-making, introductions)
  • Seminars / Speaking engagements (speaker at conferences, university presentations)

Christophe Jospe (Email, LinkedIn)

Christophe Jospe enjoys working on big challenges. He is an analyst, fundraiser, marketer, and educator. After graduating from Colgate University with a degree in Political Science and Middle Eastern studies in 2008, he moved to Cairo, Egypt where he was an English teacher and then an intensive Arabic Student. In 2010 he moved to NYC to work at the Arab American Association of New York first as a community organizer and then Associate Director where his efforts more than doubled the organizational budget. At night, he was taking classes including one in global climate change and one in finance. Those convinced him to pivot his career to one where his efforts would bridge science, finance, and society to accelerate deployment of emerging sustainable technologies. He returned to school in 2013 to obtain a Masters Degree from Columbia University in the one-year Environmental Science and Policy program. While there, he was working at the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy under physicist Dr. Klaus Lackner. Thus began his ridiculously fast learning curve as a marketer and fundraiser for technology innovation, sustainable energy, carbon capture utilization and storage, and direct air capture. In August 2014, he moved with Lackner as chief strategist to establish the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions at Arizona State University. He began Carbon A List in June 2016 to expand the scope of his work and throw his entrepreneurial hat into the ring, solving for inefficiencies around the deployment of capital and attention to the most promising solutions to reverse climate change.

His latest enterprise is Nori, where he is actively leading the business development for a start-up which is using blockchain technology to is create a carbon removal marketplace.