“The team at Carbon A list is chalk full of various expertise to cover the gamut of challenging issues to decarbonize agricultural systems.  We rely on them to facilitate brainstorms, develop ideas, and pull together strategies to implement across key segments of our supply chain and ultimately create value for farmers and our company.”

Chris Adamo, VP Public Affairs & Regenerative Agriculture Policy, Danone North America

“I was able to use the problem solution fit framework you taught me about for our latest proposal to the USDA.” Greg Austic, Co-founder Our Sci

“Your workshopping and deep dive presentation exceeded our expectations and gave us many things to work on in the coming months.”

“Carbon A list team delivered above and beyond our expectations, and opened our eyes to pitfalls and opportunities that we probably would have learned otherwise, but only through expensive mistakes. We will definitely engage them again.” Casey Emmett CEO

“My favorite part of working with Carbon A List was how much diligence and homework the team did before presenting options or possible paths forward. I learned so much through our work together!” Jessica McCabe COO