The Land Use Change Initiative



Land use change estimates are instrumental to resource management decision-making and policy development, directly impacting farmer and rancher livelihoods, biodiversity, water security, food security, energy security, and other critical ecosystem services. However, lack of consensus, disparate data sources and non-harmonized calculation methods make accurate estimation challenging and problematic.

US Soy, the United Soybean Board, Carbon A List and a wide range of stakeholders from academia, industry and the public sector have convened to work on the “Enhancing the Infrastructure to Improve Land Use Change (LUC) Analysis and Assessment” project to define, identify and address the issues that vex accurate land use change measurement. Through deep cooperation and transparency, we aspire to illuminate new opportunities in LUC quantification frameworks, and uncover unrealized benefits for ranchers, farmers and the environment.

The Approach

Starting in April 2023, the core project team distributed a Primer Report to key, target stakeholders, then convened a two-part workshop with engaged participants from academia, industry, non-profit organizations, conservation groups, the public sector and producer groups. These sessions are detailed in the Proceedings Report, and provided the foundation for building collaboration and on-going communications. A key result from this effort was the establishment of two working groups — the first focused on strategy and the second focused on technical challenges. Both working groups will be working towards highlighting the development needs for land use change quantification assessment. 

The work continues. In October of 2023, the team will be kicking off the next phase of the project and diving deeper into the Working Group effort. Stay up to date by signing up for the newsletter and express your interest to get involved by filling out this form.

What we’re doing

  • Scaling through participation to gain momentum – growing multi-stakeholder working groups and workshops
  • Technical efforts to compare methods of assessment for the purpose of informing markets and conversations
  • Movement into understanding drivers and pathways for action
  • Using the white paper to increase awareness of the issues and calls to action
  • Workshopping in summer 2024
  • Fundraising

Where are we going?

  • Building critical mass to build consensus and harmonize approaches for land use change quantification
  • Representation is critical – ensuring balance in the perspectives offered and directions set with our efforts
  • Not starting from scratch – leverage existing work and be constructive

Project Resources and Products

The Primer Report provides background information on issues associated with estimating land use change to support the two Land Use Change Assessment Workshop sessions which were conducted on April, 2023.

The Proceedings Report outlines a two-part workshop that was held to convene a multi-stakeholder group focused on the state of the science and key gaps in LUC assessment, data, and methodologies. This document outlines how one of the leading contemporary efforts to gain consensus among diverse stakeholders proceeded.

The White Paper describes critical issues and gaps, and identifies where the opportunities exist for implementing change.


For inquiries, please contact [email protected].

To express interest in joining a Working Group or otherwise contributing to the project, please fill out the Expression of Interest form.