What We Do

If you get to work with us, you’ll realize we end up using a lot of metaphors. Sometimes we explain our work like helping a customer walk into a hardware store. Sometimes we can just point to the right tool. Sometimes we have to play architect and help the customer build the house.

  • Presentations. We draw on our expertise in agriculture, natural based climate solutions, environmental markets, and carbon accounting to deliver relevant and objective information for change agents seeking knowledge. 
  • Communications. We navigate across media platforms – academic publications, blogs, video conferencing, podcasts – to amplify voices and ideas in the climate change arena.
  • Scoping & feasibility studies. We optimize positioning and strategies for clients seeking to take their climate projects to the next level.
  • Carbon asset / Market based instrument project development. We cut through red tape and navigate a complex landscape to help projects maximize their environmental value. 
  • Idea prototyping. We apply a lean methodology to accelerate the adoption new ideas that will have an impact on wasting less time and money on climate to market.

Our expertise

  • Payments for ecosystem services
  • Climate Finance and Investment
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Blockchain
  • Forestry and Timberlands management
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Land system science
  • Conservation
  • Agriculture & conservation policy
  • Nature based solutions
  • Climate-smart land planning, land use / land cover change
  • Human dimensions of land use management