What We Do

The climate change community is challenged by major structural and strategic gaps that need to be filled with action-oriented energy and resources. Carbon A List has worked with its network, clients and partners to identify the most impactful areas to catalyze. We work across start-ups, farm organizations, and established corporations. We recognize that action at the climate scale requires creative, strategically integrated solutions that empower CPGs, commodity groups, corporations and other stakeholders to make the voluntary and mandatory strides towards action. The Carbon A List team brings over 50 years of experience in strategic consulting, carbon and ecosystem methodology development, and project development.

Strategic Consulting

We partner with our clients at senior levels within their organizations to provide strategic guidance and innovative way-finding in the confusing and evolving climate sector. Our strategic services include: 

Go-to-Market Strategy

We take our decades of experience in agriculture, land use, carbon markets, accounting, reporting and other climate arenas, and amplify these skills with our broad network to create actionable strategies for our partners to scale their impact and drive business economics.

Product Strategy and Roadmap Development

We work with client teams to provide objective clarity to product development and process improvements. Our literacy in software, hardware and climate accounting and reporting enable us to inform roadmaps with financially responsible, strategically relevant product recommendations.

Program Design

Well conceived and deployed climate programs are the backbone to legitimate climate action. Our approach to program design builds consensus among stakeholder groups and provides the clear direction that is required to achieve complex climate goals. 

Market and Gaps Analyses

Our clients strive to define creative entries into the competitive and pre-competitive market spaces that are quickly emerging in climate markets and technologies. Carbon A List has conducted strategic market research across a range of sectors to help our clients identify meaningful and relevant business opportunities .

Grant Development

Funding opportunities across a range of sectors are arising quickly as public and private funding are finding their way into the climate action space. We have authored or supported successful grant development work for both large, commodity scale efforts as well as smaller funding pools.

Methodology Strategy and Development

Scientific Landscapes and Analyses

The science behind climate change mitigation is a complicated matrix of research and recommendations. Our decades of expertise in agricultural sciences helps find the right signal in the noise as our clients look for rigorous, data-driven research and recommendations to apply the right thinking to their goals.

Methodology Design and Development

The methodologies that currently drive carbon and ecosystem service markets and outcomes are continually changing, and have not evolved to meet the demands of each business objective. We apply data-driven thinking and deep experience to explore custom methods that measure and help achieve business and ecological outcomes.

Project Development and Management

Feasibility Assessments

Early in the project planning process, we can work with our client partners to assure that they have the right resources in place for the project, including articulating the project’s vision and goals and assessing the readiness of staff, technology and budget to deploy programs and solutions.

Project Management

Rigorous planning and oversight is critical to project success. Our team has over 30 years of project management experience in start-ups, softwares, hardwares and other sectors, and can bring these resources to bear to deliver projects on time, in scope, and within budget.

Our expertise

  • Payments for ecosystem services
  • Climate Finance and Investment
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Blockchain
  • Forestry and Timberlands management
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Land system science
  • Conservation
  • Agriculture & conservation policy
  • Nature based solutions
  • Climate-smart land planning, land use / land cover change
  • Human dimensions of land use management